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“Good governance” prospers where policy makers are informed by public opinion, and when citizens are constantly asked to express their views.


Public opinion surveys as a permanent feature in conduct of public affairs iwith people encouraged to voice their opinions on issues that concern them.


Promote and strengthen democratic governance through research, publishing and facilitating discussion of public opinion on topical issues.


To become a permanent organization that promotes and encourages the institutionalization of democracy in Zimbabwe.

Our competencies

We have been doing research for top agencies, NGOS, private and public institutions for more than a decade.


Sampling is done because you usually cannot gather data from the entire population. The data may be needed urgently, and including everyone in the population in your data collection may take too long.

Field Surveys

We conduct field surveys which can be tailored to get the answers you need to know. With a lot of on the ground personnel, our work is thorough and all encompassing.

Focus Group Discussions

A focus group discussion is a good way to gather together people from similar backgrounds or experiences to discuss a specific topic of interest.