Findings from a pre-election survey in Zimbabwe: June/July 2018

At a glance
• Fear of electoral violence declined slightly but remained high: The
proportion of Zimbabweans who fear becoming a victim of electoral
violence dropped by 8 percentage points since May 2018 but is still
above average among African countries.
• Zimbabweans remained apprehensive about the possibility of
electoral manipulation: As was the case in May 2018, significant
minorities were worried about ballot secrecy, counting of votes,
announcement of incorrect results, post-election violence, and the
military not accepting election results.
• Presidential race tightened one month ahead of July 30 voting:
Among registered likely voters, incumbent Mnangagwa’s lead over
challenger Chamisa dropped from 11 to just 3 percentage points
between early May and early July. The voting intentions of 20% were